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Behind the Music 2018 – 12th Edition with Steve Arnott of Beats Bus

1create - Steve Arnott Beats Bus Behind the Music 2018
1create - Steve Arnott Beats Bus Behind the Music 2018
– Behind the Music – 12th Edition with Steve Arnott of Beats Bus

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1create - behind the music steve arnott of beats bus

In this 12th edition we speak with Steve Arnott founder of Beats Bus.

Where do you find continued inspiration?

Hip-hop, music, the Zulu nation and my Beats Bus brothers who have all inspired throughout my life also of late Dr Sean McAllister has been a great inspiration providing great support and leverage for the Beats Bus with his documentary ‘A Northern Soul’.

Steve is a warehouse worker by day, hip-hop artist by night. He represents a forgotten generation whose dreams haven’t been met. But Steve is also a deeply community driven optimist, who has also been trying to find a way to bring creativity and culture to the disadvantaged kids of the city. read more

I derive true inspiration from my mum she is a fighter and has always taught me to fight for what I believe in and to follow my dreams, and also the encouragement and support of my wife to be Yasmeen who is also a fighter and truly believes in me.

My children are also a massive inspiration seeing them being proud of me inspires me to be my best, and also the young people we work with inspire me to give them the best advice and knowledge that I can.

What do you hope to achieve?

This is a never ending question.

At the age of 10 I wanted to achieve a windmill and back spin.

At the age of 20 I wanted to be the Phattest Emcee Hull will ever produce.

At the age of 30 I wanted to teach hip-hop to the young people and next generation of Hull.

At the age of 40 I had achieved everything and came up with the concept of the Beats Bus.

3 years later I want to achieve universal and global recognition and success.
Ask me again at 50!!

What are your struggles?

My chimp is an everyday struggle but I read a book ‘the chimp paradox’ and this has helped me control the negativity of feeling like you aren’t achieving enough

Secondly the root of all evil, MONEY has always been a life long struggle that I have just resigned myself to.

I never will be rich and if I was I would rather share my wealth with the people I love, another struggle is expectations yes we are helping people but we are a small team that can only fulfil a small part of helping those who need it if I try help everyone who asks who will help me sustain that?

Have you achieved what you want?


Many times I have achieved my goals I set myself but then when I do I move the goalposts so I guess the answer is no.

Until I have helped everyone that needs it and I can give it something else will always be achievable.

How did you achieve your success?

  • Hard work!!
  • Commitment
  • Support from family and friends
  • Believing in myself and my dreams
  • Being part of the greatest culture in the world HIPHOP!!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Believe in yourself, believe in empowerment, believe in community and also love, peace and unity if you want to belong to a culture that is inspiring and truly has great values research hip-hop and please feel free to join!!

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