Behind the Art 2018 – 16th Edition with Daria Kucharczyk

1create - Behind the art 2018 with Daria Kucharczyk

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Here is the latest edition of Behind the Art with Daria Kucharczyk

In this sixteenth edition we talk with artist Daria Kucharczyk from the Poland.

1create - Behind the art 2018 with Daria Kucharczyk

Where do you find continued inspiration?

It depends entirely on my current mood.

Once it will be nature, once people in daily situations.

Inspiring for me will be both busy city streets and calm, blossoming parks.

Both dark, rainy days when the whole world seems to hush out, and the sunny, warm ones, when everything comes to life again.

I love getting up very early in the summer just to go outside with a sketchbook and a box of watercolours.

1create - Behind the art 2018 with Daria Kucharczyk

There is hardly anything as calming, cleansing and inspiring for me as being able to experience the wonders of nature slowly waking up…

Being surrounded by the harmonious vast space full of bird songs and the rustle of trees.

I also admire simple things surrounding me daily, be it an unusual pattern of light falling onto a building at sunset or people gathering and chatting at outdoor markets with colourful, fresh fruit.

I guess all I am subconsciously seeking is interesting light, effective colour schemes and some very personal, sublime feelings each seen scene evokes in me.

As soon as I find them or when they reveal themselves before me, my creativity simply starts flowing.

What do you hope to achieve?

At the moment I am doing my best to stay true to my real self.

I do not want to conform to the needs of the art market, I just wish to keep creating what lets me express my honest feelings and interests.

My more specified, long-term goal is being able to travel a lot more frequently (also to some less accessible places) to capture them on canvas.

I am inspired by numerous stories of artists, who willingly left any comforts of their previous lives to set off on a life-long journey across the world in a van!

I am curious what courage it requires to take this first step and if I would be able to eventually give up an art career to just explore the world and live my dream.

What are your struggles?

My main struggle at the moment is time.

The funny thing about being an artist is that you are also your own marketing, finance and social manager.

In my case also a student – that leaves many responsibilities to regularly take care of besides actually making art.

However, there is a good side to everything.

I learned and invented a few new ways of saving time.

Nowadays I also set my real priorities more efficiently and I finally succeed in being a lot more patient.

Have you achieved what you want?

Looking back on everything that took place in the past two years I could only answer with a big, loud yes!

1create - Behind the art 2018 with Daria Kucharczyk

  • I got admitted to an art school I dreamed of,
  • I’ve had four bigger or smaller exhibitions throughout just one year and a few more coming,
  • I got to know an enormous amount of great inspiring people,
  • built an amazing community of fellow artists on social media,
  • started devoting almost 100% of the time to my passion in various ways.

I’ve been involved in many interesting, unusual art projects and got my works published twice and I successfully started selling paintings. But as I am typing all of these things, I realise they are not the most important.

It is all nice and rewarding to become recognisable as an artist, but most importantly,

I think I achieved my biggest goal of putting my whole heart and effort to what really makes me happy.

I used to make myself aim for things which the society considered important but it was leaving me hollow inside.

There may be some particular skills I want to possess, countries I hope to visit and artists I wish to meet but I will never forget that these wishes are all a result of an important decision made at the very beginning of my artistic journey.

As well, there may be next exhibitions, next publications and sold works but none of these things would ever happen if I never decided to live my dream in the first place.

It changed my life for better and this is exactly what I’ve been hoping to achieve.

How did you achieve your success?

Art is an important part of my life, something I always come back to.

Even if I don’t create, my day still revolves around it – whether it is self-promotion, writing blog entries, searching for inspiration and new techniques on art forums, scrolling through works of my favourite or newly discovered artists, going to exhibitions, taking photos.

There are so many different, entertaining ways of staying in the creative zone developing one’s imagination, improving ideas, finding new ways of self-expression.

I guess this is one of the main reasons why I am learning and improving relatively quickly.

And the other thing that helps me achieve a lot more is promotion (almost every possible kind).

I started exhibiting my works in galleries, got in touch with other artists, took part in art contests and, most importantly, began painting ‘en plein air’.

The latter was unbelievably helpful with both boosting my confidence and receiving some of my biggest commissions.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your story?

(Daily) practice makes perfect and there is no way around this truth.

I learned to see opportunities to sketch everywhere and at any time, and this is one of the most useful habits an artist can develop.

There are times when I just need to capture something I saw, or put something that appeared on my mind in… a drawing.

A sketchbook is both my must-have that helps me with trying out or mixing new techniques and a loyal friend who will always keep my secrets (that is unsuccessful sketches, ha!) so the best ideas for paintings, illustrations and animations come straight from it.

All experiments and mistakes are welcome, and a rapid progress guaranteed – even just a month of daily sketching (both from life and imagination) is a priceless experience. It enhances your skills with perspective, composition, shading and different style.

Try it for yourself and observe yourself growing as an artist, whether you are a painter, illustrator, architect or designer.

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