Behind the Art 2019 – 1st Edition with Mark Noble

1create - Behind the art 2019 with Sulyman Mustapha Bola

Providing insight into the lives of artists, in their own words.

It can be lonely being an artist and we hope sharing other artists journey will help other artists and creatives.

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Here is the latest edition of Behind the Art with Mark Noble

In this first edition of 2019 we talk with artist Mark Noble from the United Kingdom.

1create - Behind the art 2019 with Mark Noble

Where do you find continued inspiration?

Yes I want to be inspired.

Part of me is to be like Turner. To paint the sublime sunset will sunrise storm over the ocean things in the universe from Earth to the ends of time.

I use visual language in paint and I became an artist because I was severely dyslexic so excuse the grammar.

What do you hope to achieve?

1create - Behind the art 2019 with Mark Noble

I want my art to inspire people.

Small works of life through to the natural world to the mundane. I would like to come well known for my romanticised art, oceans, waterfalls, the national world in it’s entirety being able to exhibit here and overseas.

What are your struggles?

Yes I struggle with learning disabilities especially with being severely dyslexic. It has stopped me or face boundaries on a daily basis spelling rhythmical right into galleries I’m writing my CV these can be very difficult but they can be over done but I will tell people my story and you can proceed whatever Bella is there are in the art world you got a break these boundaries so yourself.

Have you achieved what you want?

My achievements are still ongoing, building bridges through the Arts and making contact through social media and my website there’s lots more to do to inspire myself.
At the Spire (a reading intervention program) are people teaching support of what I’m doing with dementia and many other forms of disabilities which I can understand myself especially of education.

I got my university degree, so I studied at the top of my profession through my disabilities giving me strength and courage to continue.

How did you achieve your success?

My success is an ongoing story.

I’m going to have an ongoing struggle but it’s getting there and it’s getting people to really understand your art, tell your story and buy into your story.

However, gaining success is temporary, it takes hard work for long-term success but that’s another story.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your story?


people with disabilities or learning disabilities can make it but still even today there are many boundaries which are not necessary.

1create - Behind the art 2019 with Mark Noble

On purpose you can stop the progress.

Through this social site I would like to tell people my story, interviews I’ve already done and that nourishment as an artist eye pain worse onto canvas which replaces the lack of reading and many other stories I can relate to.

I want people to believe in what you can do with a disability and that boundaries are limitless if you put your mind to it.

But in the end it’s the art which is the most important thing to tell that everlasting story.

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