Behind the Art 2018 – 3rd Edition with Fabrice Clarou

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Here is the latest edition of Behind the Art

Providing insight into the lives of artists, in their own words.

It can be lonely being an artist and we hope sharing other artists journey will help other artists and creatives.

In this third edition we get some insight from Fabrice Clarou.

Behind the Art 2018 - Fabrice Clarou

Where do you find continued inspiration?

Hi all.

I get my inspiration from other artists and from old master like Rembrandt, Van Dyck and the like I go to museums regularly.

I also get a lot from nature, especially colours and light.

What are your struggles?

I often struggle if I compare myself but one of my main struggle is to paint what my imagination wants to paint and block from my mind what others want or think. Not always easy.

I also struggle with my perfectionism hence why I often don’t know when a painting should be left alone but I am getting better and better at that.

Have you achieved what you want?

Oh God no.

I don’t think I ever will.

I may get satisfaction (sometimes) when I see my progress.

I often get stepping stone moments where I suddenly move to another stage through a realisation. Like a break through but I will never be satisfied, I’ll always strive for better, more moving, for paintings that tell a story.

Striving for a painting to express what I imagine to better accuracy so I’ll never be satisfied.

How did they achieve your success?

Well I wouldn’t call myself successful yet but the little recognition I am getting.

Plus the fact people want to buy or commission my paintings is the results of my striving for better, always and for the fact I do not give up and keep trying.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I struggled a lot in my life and it wasn’t until 3 years ago I realised this was what I was meant to be.

That art was in me very deep.

I now look back with insight and realised I was always an artist I just wasn’t painting but I always looked at the world with artist eyes.

I always saw the beauty in the most unexpected places.

I always saw what I see today and always wanted to grasp it with both hands because I always felt I couldn’t quite grasp it.

It was even painful.

It was like wanting to capture the beauty I saw but it was slipping through my hands and through my body.

But today, oil my chosen medium is enabling me to do that.

To grasp that beauty in a concrete way and materialise what I feel and what I see.

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