Behind the Art 2018 – 8th Edition with Patricia Thompson

Providing insight into the lives of artists, in their own words.

It can be lonely being an artist and we hope sharing other artists journey will help other artists and creatives.

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Here is the latest edition of Behind the Art with Patricia Thompson

In this eighth edition we talk with artist Patricia Thompson from the United Kingdom.

Where do you find continued inspiration?

1create - Patricia Thompson Fine Art Profile

I have always been Inspired by the culture of Art, that is always around us, evolving during our lives.

I have embraced all the Arts from being introduced to Music and Singing, The Ballet and Fairy Tales, and Poetry, as a child.

As a young adult, add Literature and every artistic eclectic experience, fuelling more inspirational ideas – and so it continues.

Over the years, certain Artists, and Art Movements, have had an influence, from the Great Masters I admire, the drama of Goya and Rembrandt, to the beauty of Watteau.

I am inspired by Toulouse Lautrec and Degas, most of the Impressionists in fact. Picasso was the Giant of the 20th Century, who I think influenced us all.

Now, at the beginning of the 21st Century, Art continues to inspire, in all the new media open to us – the influences are almost overwhelming, the artist has to be even more discerning!

What do you hope to achieve?

As an artist, over the years, I hope I have brought as much pleasure to those who have supported me, and believed in me, and purchased my artworks, as it has been for me to produce it.

I hope to continue in this vein, feeling very privileged to be able to work at what I enjoy doing the most in life.

I keep striving to achieve better work, that is always to aim.

What are your struggles?

The blank sheet of paper, or canvas, is the challenge – to produce something of worth, is the goal.

To achieve it – is the struggle!

I know this sounds like a cliché, but it is the truth.

From nothing, trying to put down the ideas that first inspired the motivation, in the first place, to go on to then produce the work. It is the full mental and physical effort, that I would refer to as “the struggle”.

This never ceases to change.

Have you achieved what you want?

No. I never will achieve what I want.

I just go on striving. Because you are only as good as your last painting – that is the drive to try to achieve a really good piece of work, the next time – or maybe 2 or 3 paintings ahead, if your lucky.

How did you achieve your success?

By never giving up on your own vision, belief and confidence in yourself, and to just simply say, “this is what I do.”

Is there anything else you would like to share about your story?

I would say, we all have such a different story to tell about our lives.

We are all members of this unique Human Tribe, incredible to have lived at all.

In sharing my story, I hope it has not been too dull a tale to read.

Here are some of Patricia’s amazing art pieces

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