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Behind the Music 2018 – 10th Edition with Pat Dooner of The Broken Orchestra

1create - behind the music with the Broken Orchestra

1create - behind the music with the Broken Orchestra

This edition of Behind the Music is sponsored by

1create - Hull Beats Bus Sponsors Behind the Music

Giving the younger generation of Hull a voice.

Mobile studio access to those that would ordinarily have no access.

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Here is the latest edition of Behind the Music

Providing insight into what makes musicians tick, in their own words.

In this 10th edition we speak with Pat Dooner of The Broken Orchestra from Hull, United Kingdom (Carl Conway-Davis, Emily Render and Tom Kay) to find out more about what makes him tick.

1create - broken orchestra Pat Dooner

Where do you find continued inspiration?

Everyday life, the countryside, sunsets and skylines, music, films, friends, family, people around me and everything in between.

What do you hope to achieve?

Create music that I love, share it with the world and hope that people connect and enjoy the music as much as I do.

What are your struggles?

Time and money are the main struggles.

Balancing life so that I can achieve what I need to and also provide for a family and be proud of what I do.

Pretty similar struggles to everyone involved in creative industries.

Have you achieved what you want?

In part yes but it never ends. It goes round and round.

When one thing ends something else begins.

Like a drug, you crave the feeling creativity gives you and no matter what you achieve it feels short lived and there is a need to move on to the next work.

How did you achieve your success?

1create - broken orchestra members
Hard work, loving and supportive people around me and working with a like minded, encouraging and creative team.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

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