Behind the Music 2018 – 14th Edition with King Orange

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– Behind the Music – 14th Edition with King Orange

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Here is the latest edition of Behind the Music

Providing insight into what makes musicians tick, in their own words.

In this 14th edition we speak with the band King Orange with Ollie, Tom and Leo.

Where do you find continued inspiration?

behind the music with King Orange - Ollie


I find continued inspiration for our material mainly through life experiences.

These past 12 months have been quite inactive for the band.

Tom had been studying his final year at university, Leo had been studying in Prague and I managed to gain work experience. During this period, we only had one release show at the Adelphi (Hull) for our latest single ‘Misty’.

Although we performed once, it gave each of us the opportunity to reflect on our different experiences and write some new material behind the scenes.

This past year, I feel that I have improved as a songwriter by including both positive and negative experiences relating to my family, friends and work.

behind the music with King Orange - Tom


Inspiration for me comes from all the music I’m listening to at a given time.

Being in this band has widened my musical tastes quite a bit so I think I have a much wider amount of influences to draw upon than when I began writing, and keeping that interest in new music is something that really helps to inform my writing.

behind the music with King Orange - Leo


Similar to Tom’s really.

I like to keep fairly well informed with new and emerging music, seeing how other bands are pushing forward their sound, seeking to create something unique, not just in what their music sounds like but what and who it stands for.

Bands like IDLES using their position in the music industry to challenge the bollocks parts of society whilst also writing some banging songs makes you want to do the same.

Also the Vengaboys.

What do you hope to achieve?


At the moment, we have our minds set on recording another single.

The reception from our previous two single was exceptional and we hope to exceed our followers’ expectations with this single.

Additionally, we hope to perform outside Yorkshire and in the process gain a wider following once we release our first EP.


Write big songs, play big shows.

What are your struggles?


I think our biggest struggle is trying to balance university and our social lives with our music. But, we still enjoy performing in front of new faces and we will continue to do this where we can, for as long as we can.


Playing Bass.

Have you achieved what you want?


There are some things that we thought we would never achieve.

We had our first single ‘Fifteen’ aired on Radio 1 as part of the Huw Stephens show in the lead up to Radio 1’S Big Weekend in Hull last year.

It was a very proud moment for us, certainly a highlight of the band’s life so far.

But we want to grow and perform more shows, meet more people interested in our music and perform with fantastic musicians.


We’ve certainly got to places we never though we would, like the Radio 1 play, but I think that now we’re all back together and playing shows again we can achieve a lot more.


I’ve got a little mental checklist of stuff I want us to achieve.

Some of it we’ve done, BBC introducing session, Radio 1 airplay, some it is for the future.

Humber Street Sesh main stage, be best mates with Steve Lamacq.

How did you achieve your success?


We are very lucky to be in contact with promoters and other musicians that enjoy our music.

For instance, Hull’s New Breed, which is part of Warren Records, has continuously pushed our music and shows and we are very grateful for their support.


Hull’s New Breed has been a big part.

They gave a sense of confidence in the early hours of the band when we had no idea how to write songs or play shows.

King Orange was every member’s first proper band, and Hull’s New Breed helped introduce us to the local music scene and push us in the right direction.

I think King Orange being born and raised in the Hull music scene helped as well, it’s a city with so many promoters and bands looking to help those coming through that even confused 2016-era King Orange got shows.

Also, big Malcolm Joslin who drives equipment and people around the north of England on a regular basis, only to be rewarded with a King Orange set at the end.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Our previous singles ‘Fifteen’ and ‘Misty’ are available to download at any price, which means you can download them for free if you wish:

King Orange
Hulls New Breed

You can also listen to these tracks on Spotify

You can find out about us and any additional news about the band on our social media platforms below:

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