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Behind the Music 2018 – 5th Edition with Darren Bunting

1create - Darren Bunting Behind the Music 2018 5th Edition

1create - Darren Bunting Behind the Music 2018 5th Edition

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Here is the latest edition of Behind the Music

Providing insight into what makes musicians tick, in their own words.

In this fifth edition we get some insight from Darren Bunting of O’Rileys and Music HQ .

It’s a little different this time around as we speak with Darren to see another perspective of the music industry.

He’s been involved in music for many years providing rehearsal space, stage support, PA and event management and will hopefully show another dimension to the music industry.

Where do you find continued inspiration?

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I find inspiration from being involved in an exciting gig, successful show, seeing musicians, acts, youngsters move on and have their own success.

Success be it, improving their musical performances, finding they can do something for themselves (running their own shows, filming videos or generally just working together) or building their own audience.

More down to earth inspiration is paying the bills, keeping the doors of the venue open, getting booked to event manage/sound engineer for other people, working together with people who can see outside of their own bubble.

What do you hope to achieve?

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Personally its to continue improving as a sound engineer, become a more successful venue owner, find time to get back onstage myself playing bass, set up a record label, get into live recording, get back into artist management and finally manage to create a machine that stretches time so I can do all these things and many others.

What are your struggles?

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Businesswise for O’Rileys the biggest struggle was the negative effect the City of Culture had on us turnover and foot-fallwise.

2018 has started in a great way and we are now in the position we wanted to be twelve months ago, trading profitably so we can get caught up on venue debts and start investing into the infrastructure of the building and equipment.

For Music HQ, my other business, we are flying.

We have a very successful weekly acoustic night, book Friday night gigs at the same pub (The Corn Exchange in the Old Town), are involved with Springboard festival and many other events so the biggest problem there is being time poor but also not making enough profit to expand and take on more staff.

Personally the biggest struggle is always that the music industry takes over your whole life but because its as much a passion as anything else you don’t really notice that until it starts to have a negative effect on family/personal life.

Have you achieved what you want?

No where near, there is so much more to be done and get involved with on the local music scene and so much that should be a massive success but people don’t seem to get behind, yet.

How did you achieve your success?

I wouldn’t say I’m very successful but working hard, being honest with people and total commitment and also staying true to yourself is what I hope I do.

I have a bit of a reputation of being outspoken but I stand by everything I have ever thrown out onto social media.

I might be wrong sometimes but I’m honest in my views and many people are starting to understand that

pointing out an issue so it can be solved/brought to the attention of others is much better than sweeping things under the carpet.

Also I’m pretty stubborn and hate to give up on something I think should work.

Sometimes you need to back yourself when others don’t believe the same as you do.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I love working in the music industry and have met some of the best people that have become firm friends, after starting out playing bass as a sixteen year old I’ve now clocked up over 30 years in and around music and don’t regret doing it one bit and plan to continue for many years to come.

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