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Calling all artists inspired by Black Panther 2018

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black panther - walt disney studios motion pictures

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

This is an amazing opportunity for artists and art fans.

How is that? Well,

  • Are you an artist?
  • Have you created some Black Panther inspired * art?
  • Do you want to earn a living doing what you love?


“Black Panther inspired” means:

You have been inspired to create an original art work and are NOT COPYING ANY of the character(s)/names/events from the Black Panther movie and associated merchandise.

If you need further clarification you can read more here Character Merchandising – WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) paying particular attention to page 16.

All rights for the works and merchandise remain with the originators and licensees of Black Panther.

Turn your art works into prints and wearable art

You can turn these art works into prints and wearable art via and monetize your creations.

On sign up, your art work will be available for purchase in your own Online Web Store.

One piece of art will be turned into:

This is an artistic interpretation

  1. Prints
    • Boxed Canvas Effect
    • High quality prints – single mounted (acid free) and framed in a Black or white contemporary frame.
    • Printed on aluminium (a premium product)
  2. Wearable art – T-shirts and hoodies
  3. Other products coming soon…

We take care of everything

We digitize

We scale

We print

We prepare

We finish

We package

We deliver (locally and internationally)

You get paid.

Note: All fixtures and fittings included.

Don’t miss out on selling your Black Panther inspired creations

Sign Up Today
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