CREATIVE NEWS: Child’s Play – using art to solve plastic by Kojo Biney

Submitted by: Kojo Biney
When: 26th July 2018.
Where: Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana.

The problem of single use plastic has come to the fore as it lands on the doorstep of everyone worldwide.

This is something that we are all effected by and needs creative solutions.

Here’s one artist’s solution using creativity to educated and help children understand the issue whilst creating at the same time.

From the 80’s when growing up as a kid, recycling of waste materials to produce miniature sculpture works or toy play was the order of the day

It didn’t matter if you came from rural or urban centre or whether your parents could afford imported toys or not.

Producing art with waste by kids was the order of the day and was highly encourage by educational curriculum.

Empty product cans, plastic bottles, rubbers and papers were never a waste.

It was amazing as kids creatively explored their talent by creating mini toy water tanker cars, bicycles, airplane, art and crafts and many more.

The Era in Ghana and most African countries was a breeding environment for kid’s innovation, art, technical skills and science.

This project seeks to analyze two generational era or trend and try to bring back what used to be the solution to plastic by children, as the challenge is to highlight the solution given by the artist through react or civil campaign, replace, and reduce of plastic through recycle by child’s art.

Today we see a lot of waste material especially plastic floating all around drainages, water bodies, universal sea and seriously competing with the environment for space.

The project which started January 2018 by the artist Kojo Biney and will last for three years.

Being reviewed for further continuation to run throughout the coastal communities of the western part of Ghana.

The project Child’s Play is part of the second artist open call contest of the Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic ( project which is running online from 26th July to 31st August, 2018.

1create - Creative News Isaac Kojo Biney

“The universal sea-pure or plastic pushes forward solutions that fight the plastic epidemic in waters. They explore new collaboration models between art, technology, science, and business together with the public- building a strong network of innovators and change leaders.”

The universal sea is giving artist the opportunity to have their plastic projects or work such as Child Play’s published in a book, where it can be admired and used as inspiration”.

Print-outs of the work will be exhibited at the universal sea festival in Budapast, Hungary running all October, 2018.

Currently, the work Child’s Play with other works of various artist who are working with plastics is under public voting were the most voted and best work will be selected for the book and exhibition.

Please show your support if you feel this project to be a worthy one by going to vote for the project “Child’s Play” and other plastic related works by artist Kojo Biney.

Simply visit the link Child’s Play – A catalyse to plastic waste Management

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