CREATIVE NEWS: 2019 Open Exhibition Ferens Art Gallery with Patricia Thompson

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Fine Art artist Patricia Thompson was chosen to exhibit her work in the prestigious Ferens Art Gallery as part of the 2019 Open Art Exhibition.
1create founding member Paul Fredrick paid a visit to the exhibition to see this years entrants and to show our support for fellow 1creator Patricia Thompson.

It was a great experience visiting the Ferens’ 2019 Open Art Exhibition in Hull.

I was greeted by the friendly City of Culture volunteers who guided me through the Galleries and into to the open exhibition.

The work on display was outstanding and a real treat to the eye.

I’m pleased to say that 1create Established Gallery owner Patricia Thompson had her art entry, Ben at the helm accepted and looking at it closely,

I could see why. Great details and the piece really stood out to me.

1create - Ben at the Helm by Patricia Thompson
1create - Ben at the Helm by Patricia Thompson

High quality prints are available here

I would like to congratulate every artist who were fortunate enough to have their art on display and I’m looking forward to visiting the Ferens Art Gallery again in the future.

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