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CREATIVE NEWS: Introducing Fred Garland and the Angels of the North Project

1create - angels of the north Frederique Garland dancing
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Works as a freelance dancer, teacher, performer, choreographer and costume designer; stage management roles at various venues including the Glastonbury and Secret Garden festivals, and has created choreographic elements for award-winning music videos.

Current Project – Angels of the North Project 2018

Fred is currently working with a team of dancers and production staff in Newcastle and is in the process of recruiting similar teams in Sheffield, Liverpool and Hull.

1create - angels of the north

The historical links between these cities and their industries have been evidently strong, and as the project grows, ‘a movement between them all’ so to speak, naturally occurs.

Filming in locations that depict each city’s northern heritage and beauty whilst still holding that oftentimes now past industrial feel, the contrast of natural beauty against the harsh yet strong beauty of industry is envisaged as underscoring a leitmotiv of the enduring role of women.

As the project is brought to completion in each individual city, everybody involved will be brought together to film a final choreography, 100 angels to mark 100 years.

Ultimately, an individual city’s contribution together with the performance en masse would be showcased in all four locations.


Calling all women over the age of 18 years.



Calling all women over the age of 18 years.



Calling all women over the age of 18 years.



Calling all women over the age of 18 years.


Angels of the North is a dance exhibition project addressing issues surrounding the women’s suffrage movement.

It’s a journey of northern women from our communities through dance to celebrate and mark the one hundredth anniversary of the suffragettes first gaining some entitlement to vote.

Empowering women from our northern city’s communities and challenging them away from their comfort zones to rise up and deliver a choreographic programme focused on the strength, courage, beauty and grace of Northern women through the hardships of industrial life.

For rather more than 100 years, life generally and especially the opportunities of employment has been a male dominated world with often scant regard for or acknowledgement of women in the growth of commerce and industry in whatever part they played.

This project aims, over a twelve month period, to engage 100 women drawn from Northern cities to create an exhibition of narrative dance that can tour and showcase ‘our women’ by ‘today’s women’.


More about ‘Fred’ Frederique Garland

Co-Artistic Director and founder with Jon Beney of Tenfoot dance company based in Hull, which was formed as a direct consequence of co-producing ‘Yira’ and ‘The Way We Were’ in 2016.

This year will see the third annual production of the ‘The Way We Were’ in Hull.

Fred has studied various dance genres (ballet, tap, contemporary) from 3 years of age through to university degree level:

she really fell in love with social dance and dedicated a large proportion of her on-going training and working life over the last 18 years to Salsa and it’s various constituent forms.

Teaches and performs at Latin dance congresses in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Blackpool, Newcastle, Isle of Man and holds weekly and monthly classes around Yorkshire.

Tenfoot dance company also provides weekly dance-based exercise sessions for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

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