Buy art and help a creative earn a living

Buy art and help a creative earn a living

Being an artist shouldn’t mean “being a struggling artist”

When people go to work or sell products in a shop they expect to be paid for their time, expertise and costs.

Why should it be any different for artists and creatives?

We should buy art fairly from creatives.

It shouldn’t be about the romanticism of being a creative and being outside of the convention, after all we all need to eat, live and have a roof over our heads.

It’s sad to read that an 86 year old amazing gallery displaying artist still struggles to pay his rent! (New York Times 5th January 2018 – The struggling artist at 86)

“Mr. Bertschmann has painted or drawn nearly every day of his adult life, producing a body of work that has been praised by some of the art world’s foremost tastemakers. Yet he has remained virtually unknown. “

That totally sucks! Especially when it’s not an isolated case.

Quoting from the article

“The main obstacle, as he sees it, is the “pathological myopia of the art world.” In its narrow view, an artist, especially an older one, whose work hasn’t already been certified by the market barely even exists. If Google and auction records scarcely know that Mr. Bertschmann is alive, it hardly matters that in 1986 Henry Geldzahler, the larger-than-life curator at the Metropolitan Museum, visited his studio and found his work stellar.”

We’re trying to put a stop to that because your amazing talent is highly sought after and you should get paid when you invest in yourself.

Supplies cost money, so does your time, expertise and creative mind.

Not many of us can create something great from nothing.

It’s only fair and makes perfect sense to reward this talent and amazing creations in monetary terms.

When you buy art, products and services from 1create you are helping creatives earn a living.

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To all creatives:

– Believe in yourself.
– Invest in yourself.
– Value your worth.

Keep creating and let us help you get paid your worth!

Make a living doing what you and we love.

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