INTERVIEW: Barz and Bluntz mixtape release with Trizzy

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We sit down with Trizzy to discuss his latest mixtape release “Barz and Bluntz”

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Trizzy is a rapper/producer from Hull, England. 1create was introduced to Trizzy when we interviewed Bud Fam as part of the Behind the Music series – Behind the Music 11th Edition with Bud Fam.

How did the mix tape come about?

I’ve been practising and trying to perfect my craft for a number of years now, releasing:

  • music
  • videos
  • freestyles

I just feel like I’m at the stage now where I can create a full project of material to put out there and try take a hobby from a hobby and into a career.

Is it a solo project or have you worked with other artists and writers?

The project in itself is a solo project,


I had the privilege of teaming up with a couple local rappers such as Marx and Smurkz on a couple tracks as well as linking up with a team from Brooklyn, New York.

What is the mixtape about and what inspired this latest project?

This project like the name states is “Bars” so for the first half of the mixtape is the more ‘bumping’ wordplay punch-liney sort of rap and as it progresses through the second half becomes a bit deeper mentally & emotionally.

I’m describing problems I’ve been through and talking about things I see wrong with the world we live in.
Such as poverty, corruption and even the way music can influence a young person’s behaviour and attitude.

When you wrote and developed your music was it aimed at a particular audience of listeners?

I tried to make this project relatable.

That’s the main thing, for me.

It’s not really about genre, age, category etc because I like music I can relate to and understand so I tend to try and put out music that people can relate to.

When and where it is going to be released?

The mixtape became available on Friday the 12th of October as a free online download here.

There will also be free physical copies available.

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