Interview: The Broken Orchestra (revisited) – one year on

1create - broken orchestra behind the music members

We interview The Broken Orchestra members ahead of their return performance at Kardomah94

The Broken Orchestra at Kardomah94
Hull Jazz Festival

Where: Kardomah94 Alfred Gelder St, Hull HU1 2AN
When: 21st July 2018.
Time: 7:00pm

Having played their debut live performance at this venue during Hull 2017 UK City of Culture year where crowds were mesmerized we felt it only fitting to get the skinny on what it means to them to return to play this intimate venue (Kardomah 94) on 21st July 2018.

You are coming back to where you debuted your live performances but how does that make you feel?

1create - broken orchestra Pat Dooner Pat Dooner:

We’re really excited to be coming back to Kardomah 94. It holds a lot of great memories.

That very first gig was received so well and it really gave us the fuel to push on and realise that the live performance aspect of The Broken Orchestra can exist to the level we want it to.

The venue is great, really well laid out, great sound and really nice staff.

Hopefully it will be nicely attended and we can win over some new fans. Either way the feelings surrounding the performance are positive.

In terms of what to expect we’re hoping to give a good solid, tight performance, some new songs from our ‘Blinded’ EP in there plus many from previous releases.

We also have a few little surprises on the night, hopefully people will be into it all.

1create - broken orchestra carl conway-davis by viceversarobbifotografia Carl Conway-Davis:

Kardomah was always our first choice for our debut live performance.

The venue, layout and vibe make it such a great venue and having visited a couple of times as audience members, we knew it would work for us to perform our first gig.

So to be going back with Hull Jazz Festival and playing alongside The Dyr Sister and Revenu, who both are good friends of ours and fans of their music is hugely exciting.

We all have great memories of the last time we was there.

1create - Tom Kay by viceversarobbie Tom Kay

It feels great to be returning to play a hometown show where it all started for us.

Kardomah94 is a fantastic venue and the Hull Jazz Festival is a great event so it’s an honour to be invited to play.

What have you been up to since your debut performance last year?

1create - broken orchestra Pat Dooner Pat Dooner:
Since our last performance we’ve been working hard trying to build our profile up, releasing music and booking as many gigs for between now and the end of the year as possible.

In February we released our ‘Blinded’ EP which is the first EP we’ve worked on as the four of us.

The coming months are all about finishing new music ready for another release in September as well as getting out of town and gigging.

We have gigs coming up:

  • Hull – Humber Street Sesh (BBC Introducing Stage)
  • Manchester – Manchester Jazz Festival, Band on the Wall
  • Leeds – HiFi Club
  • Newcastle – Hoochie Coochie

and back to Hull in October for a really special support slot at Hull Minster.

1create - broken orchestra carl conway-davis by viceversarobbifotografia Carl Conway-Davis:

They has been a steady flow of gigs throughout the summer which has seen us visit Sheffield and Huddersfield recently.

We wasn’t sure after our very first gig if the demand would be there for live performance to sustain regular gigs but we actually have some big events coming up which includes Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle and Band on the Wall in Manchester.

We also will have our Humber Street Sesh debut this year on the BBC Introducing Stage which is hugely exciting to be involved in locally as it’s just a date in the calendar every Hull musician circles as soon as it’s announced.

1create - Tom Kay by viceversarobbie Tom Kay:

We’ve been really busy.

We’ve performed shows across the country, we did a live session for BBC Introducing and Sofar Sounds, we wrote, recorded and released our latest EP ‘Blinded’ and booked our summer tour which we are currently about half way through.

And we’ve also started work on our next release.

What performances have you had and which was the one, single, standout gig?

1create - broken orchestra Pat Dooner Pat Dooner:
All gigs have been really exciting and we still get a good buzz from going out on stage and performing.

I think our favourite so far has been the first Kardomah 94 gig but every gig we’ve done we have enjoyed.

Some stand out ones include Small Seeds in Huddersfield, Sofar Sounds in Hull and our first gig at The Sesh earlier this year.

We’re really looking forward to our performance at Humber Street Sesh 2018 and it’s amazing to have landed the BBC Introducing stage.

All at BBC Introducing Humberside have been really supportive over the years and so has Mak from The Sesh for that matter so it’ll be really cool to go and do a great gig and do them proud!

1create - broken orchestra carl conway-davis by viceversarobbifotografia Carl Conway-Davis:

Ironically it probably was the debut gig at Kardomah.

It was quite a surreal time just because we wasn’t sure how people would react to the tracks live. It was literally in my mind that this could be the first and last gig we do together.

It was a huge learning curve, never really performing live and then having to listen to people quite close to us say about the positives and negatives of what we did. But it was quite clear in the end that it did work live, people was into it and was worth the work and continued work we have put in over the past 9 months.

1create - Tom Kay by viceversarobbie Tom Kay:
Since our debut show in Hull last year we’ve had shows in Manchester, Huddersfield, Sheffield and we’ve also had a couple of other Hull gigs including The Sesh.

We’ve played some cool places so far and we’ve got some exciting shows coming up but for me personally the standout gig is always going to be the first one.

It was such a great night and we’ve just tried to build upon that ever since, trying to make each show better as we go along.

What should we expect from your new material?

1create - broken orchestra Pat Dooner Pat Dooner:
You should expect more of the same but better. We always try and better each recording both creatively and sonically so hopefully you’ll notice that.

We’re working as the four of us but are also collaborating with other singers and performers too.

Not naming any names yet but so far what we’ve got we’re pretty happy with!

1create - broken orchestra carl conway-davis by viceversarobbifotografia Carl Conway-Davis:

Our development over the years has meant that what was once me and Pat recording and chopping live samples of friends playing now has more input from Tom and Emily.

The writing process has slightly changed with more voices and input but the new material is rooted in what made the original Broken Orchestra sound and the techniques are similar to how we worked as a production duo.

However with anything we want to progress. We want to better what we did previously.

So the expectation for us is to create better music each time.

And the expectation for the listener should be to hear that progression.

1create - Tom Kay by viceversarobbie Tom Kay:

The new material already sounds quite different to our last EP, it’s probably not as dark as the ‘Blinded’ E but I think it still has all the key Broken Orchestra elements.

We are looking to carry on the tradition of collaborating with other artists and musicians so expect to hear some cool things.

What is your idea of a perfect gig?

1create - broken orchestra Pat Dooner Pat Dooner:
I can’t speak for the rest of the band but for me personally I think playing somewhere with great sound and an attentive audience is all we need.

Obviously the big venues, big crowds would be great too.

I could always see us being quite well received at somewhere like Glastonbury so if you can make that happen that would be great!

1create - broken orchestra carl conway-davis by viceversarobbifotografia Carl Conway-Davis:

I don’t think I have the experience yet to know what a perfect gig is!

First few gigs it was perfect if I never made a mistake.

Then it was perfect if none of us made mistakes.

Then it was a perfect gig if we got a good response from the audience.

Then it was a perfect gig if we sold out on merchandise.

Then it was perfect if we got audience after the gig taking the time to say how good it was on social media.

So really what is happening for me is the bar raises each time we play a gig.

And knowing how we all think there probably never will be a perfect gig, we would probably find some way that it could have been better.

1create - Tom Kay by viceversarobbie Tom Kay:
I think we’re all going to have really contrasting answers to this question but for me it would probably be supporting an artist that have really inspired me.

So I suppose, for me, The Broken Orchestra supporting Radiohead somewhere in Manchester would be about as perfect as you could get.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

1create - broken orchestra Pat Dooner Pat Dooner:

If you’re reading this and you’ve got this far then please give our music a listen.

We’re independent artists and fund everything ourselves so any help or support you can give us is brilliant.

You can do that by buying CDs, Vinyl, Gig tickets or simply liking and following us on social media!

We also want to say a big thanks to all the people that have supported us in our live set up, the people who have attended and promoters who have put us on.

The organisers at Hull Jazz Festival have been amazingly supportive and have put a lot into us for this gig, we really appreciate that.

1create - Tom Kay by viceversarobbie Tom Kay:
I’d just like to thank everyone for their support so far. We’ve still got a few shows left on our summer run in Hull, Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds so come out and see us.
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