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Interview: Under My Skin – Rebecca Louise

1create - ferens art gallery rebecca lancashire interview photo

With composer Rebecca Louise for the piece “Under My Skin”

Date: 17th May 2017

Location: Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.

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This interview was held on the 17th May 2017 just before the premier performance at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.

We ask Rebecca about her inspiration from a Ron Mueck exhibition piece and how it all came about.

Spooning Couple 2005 by Ron Mueck born 1958

Video Transcript

1create - under my skin ferens art gallery rebecca lancashire interview photo

Kateule Bwalya

I’m here at the Ferens Art Gallery with Rebecca Lancashire, and the University of Hull so I’m just going to ask Rebecca a few questions about what inspired her to do the piece and what it is all about.
So Rebecca what is this piece about?

Rebecca Louise

So originally we were asked to compose something in response to one of the art works here.

I was quite interested in the skin exhibition which is actually quite a new feature here, specifically the sculpture “Spooning Couple”.

So Ron Mueck’s works are quite different to something you might usually kind of see in that none of them are composed to scale. Everything is smaller or larger and that is kinda something I’ve tried to bring out in what I’ve written.

There’s a lot of diversity in it, there’s a lot of change, things like that and I just really wanted to see how I could bring that to life and the story behind it and kind of leave it open to interpretation but also kind of try and play on things that everyone may be able to relate to or have experienced before.

Kateule Bwalya

So you put the composition together is this something that took a while to do? or is it something that you quite easily put together?

Rebecca Louise

(laughs) It took a lot less than I would have liked to say kinda of, I spent far too much time procrastinating about it, so I probably pulled the entire basis together in 10 days maybe.

But I’ve been working with the orchestra and my two dancers (Becky Crisp and Bradley Groizard) for probably, for the last 4 weeks, to kind of now really refine it and kind of work a lot on the relationship between the two (orchestra and dancers) because actually they didn’t get to work with each other until yesterday.

Kateule Bwalya

Right, so this is a separate composition in terms of the dancing as well as the actual music itself? or did the music come first?

Rebecca Louise

So for me the music came first or at least the main basis of it. I then recruited the dancers and worked on the choreography after that…

Kateule Bwalya

So you worked on the choreography of the dance as well?

Rebecca Louise

Bits and pieces I mean I’ve got a background as a dancer but nowhere near as experienced as these two.

But I think one of the things that we immediately came across was, the music is composed in three where as for a dancer you will naturally be counting in four so that was kind of something that was intentionally done but something that we wanted to work on and bring out as well when we were putting the two back together.

Kateule Bwalya

So the audience is going to have a bit of a show on to enjoy the music and the dance then. So are you looking forward to this then? ’cause we are.

Rebecca Louise

(laughs) Yeah, a lot of work’s gone into it so I’m hoping its going to kind of pull it off on the day.

It will be good to get everyone together, I wanted to kind of bring together different art forms and different people from across the community. We’ve got students, we’ve got people from as young as 15 to 30s, 40s so it’s nice to get everyone working together.

Kateule Bwalya

Fantastic. So thank you very much Rebecca and that’s it.

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