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Katarzyna Zachtej

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1create - Katarzyna Zachtej Artist Profile

I am Kasia from Poland. I'm raising two children, I'm a chemist, I love gardening, travelling and painting!

I invite you to my colourful world through the lens of a crazy colourful artist.

I was born in Silesia. I have always painted amateurishly, but there have been years when I have not painted anything.

I came to this, I have to do something that will calm me down and give me a positive kick.

At the end of 2017 I bought canvas and I base that I will do something for myself. I didn't even dream about painting a few pictures a week, or even a few a day.

I have never dreamed that my paintings contain such a large audience.

I came out with their ideas into the world. I developed my social media (Twitter, Instagram, FB) I run a website, blog, paint and, above all, I love what I do.

In 2018, I painted over 100 paintings, organised 4 own exhibitions in 2018 and 2019, took part in several group exhibitions, plein-airs and competitions.

In May 2019, I won my first prize at painting competition in the USA.

Painting has always been my dream.

I am already 15 years after graduation but I am beginning to fulfil my dreams - from October I will study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.

I belong to two artistic associations 'Barwy Śląska' and 'Faun Art'.

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