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Kojo Biney

1create - Kojo Biney Artist Profile



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1create - Kojo Biney Artist Profile

My creation is inspired by everyday activities of which always reminds me of the highest responsibility art plays in the sustainability of our natural environment, humanity and its existence.

I feel alive or full of life when I see; nature, reactions of things within the environment as I identifies the ugly and beauty and creatively express it to contribute in contemporary dialogue.

My work transcends into various environment, habitation and culture to dialogue frankly on the existence of life rising alarm on issues across all circle family (women and children), politics, economy, humanity, music, education and the world at large (featured in Creative World News - Child's Play using art to solve plastic by Kojo Biney).

It induces critical thinking which is exhibited by reductions of techniques using Pallet knife and roller strokes creating images, textures and patterns.

Having exhibited in several countries that include Russia, Egypt, Norway and more holding the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree in Arts Education
  • Higher Diploma in Commercial Art
  • SHS Certificate in Visual Art
  • Also currently exhibiting in the 1create Global Exhibition "Fill the World with Art and Photography"


1create - Kojo Biney Certificate of Appreciation April 2020

Having entered my work I was accepted into the global exhibition entitled “Fill the World with Art and Photography” that brings creatives of the world together. Showcasing their creative talent to the world from their part of the world. 

Giving art and photography lovers the opportunity to discover and enjoy creations by international creatives.
Click to visit the exhibition here.


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