All too often our creations are left unseen!

Left on the bedroom floor, in a cupboard, in storage and left where no-one will ever get to enjoy them. It’s a frustration shared by artists, photographers, musicians and many other creatives. This simply had to change and was born. Born out of personal circumstance to solve the frustration of many.

Our Mission

1create - sell your art online world in your hands is a platform for creatives to showcase their exceptional talent, allowing them to:
  1. Market their creativity
  2. Showcase their talent
  3. Share their passions and
  4. Sell their work.

Our Vision

1create - 1st step is to believe Dreams are the most important thing in your life and you should never be told to give up on them. We believe people should be given a chance, not a choice.
  • A chance to work in a creative field of their choosing.
  • A chance to experience their full potential and nurture it.
  • A chance to dream.
  • A chance to work with people who believe in them and are not trying to change who they are.Allowing them to become who they truly are and start building their future.
The best way to forecast your future is to take a chance to create it. The first step is to believe!
As creatives we have the power within us to change any situation by putting our creative minds together. Everyone involved with the 1create community understand that collaboration is the key to success and that you are the one in 1create 1create - created by you is Created by You Power by Us
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