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What you get when you sign up

A Professional Profile for Your Music

Becoming the home for all your music and merch.

Anyone wanting to learn more about you can see you in your best light

, without having to scour the internet and social media as all your assets will be in one place:

  • Your back story
  • What type of music you make and are interested in
  • Video footage from your YouTube, Vimeo and Sound Cloud accounts (the ones you choose)
  • Photos you wish to include
  • Your latest news and reviews relating to you/and the band
  • Your social media will also show on the page (Facebook, Twitter etc).

That’s not all…

When you add events and gigs to the 1create Ticket Office they are automatically added to:

  • The Upcoming Events Page
  • The Website Homepage
  • Your Professional Profile and
  • Shared with our audience across all of our assets (both online and offline).

Giving your event greater visibility so you can start taking bookings and ticket sales.

And that’s not all…

We’ve made sharing your event really easy to help with your promotional activities and so we can work together to direct fans straight to your event.

Where they can:

  • read more about you and the event
  • see photos and
  • watch previous events/gigs footage

Keep us informed

Let us know about your projects and any exclusive news you wish to share.

We’ll add it to your profile and potentially turn it into a feature for our global audience to see.

A Unique 1C Code to use in your promotions

Use and share this unique code on business cards, leaflets, flyers, T-shirts and posters.

Anyone scanning it will get a quick response link that takes them straight to your profile and webstore.

Perfect for when you are on the go, for people to learn more about you and buy there and then on their mobiles
(we accept Credit and Debit Cards and PayPal payments).

Access to the Ticket Office


Create Your Event

Sell Tickets Online

Get Your Money


Create Your Event

Invite Your Guests

Know who’s coming

(We send electronic tickets – e-tickets to your attendees so they can print them off or store them on their phones ready for the gig/event.)

Your Very Own Web Store

Fans can visit your online webstore on their mobiles, tablets and computers to buy your merchandise.

We take care of everything to give to peace of mind including printing and shipping your branded clothing:

  1. T-Shirts
  2. Hoodies
  3. Jumpers and more

Plus, 1create will ensure safe and secure transactions so you can focus on creating, promoting and preforming your music for your fans.

Added Benefit, when someone buys from your webstore we prepare, package and deliver (locally and internationally). Followed by sending you the profit made from sales.

Important Note:

We take security seriously!

That is why we only partner with trusted and approved payment partners.

All transactions are secure and take place over SSL encryption as seen by the padlock
(trusted security certificate) next to the website address.