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Sulyman Mustapha Bola

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1create - Mustapha Bola Artist Profile

My main purpose for creating this Gallery is to show the world my creative and interesting art pieces Posting my art pieces and discussing briefly on what inspired me or how I was able to get the work done and to communicate with every person that have passion for art. To tell a little more about me, I attended Karumo Primary School, Kwara and then to Gaskiya College in Lagos where I completed my secondary school education. I am actually a commercial student back in my secondary school but i personally choose to study art. I now have my HND Certificate in Fine Art which i obtained from Yaba College of Technology. I have done quite a lot art work which I would also be sharing here. I make art in different mediums from

  • Water colour
  • Pencil works
  • Charcoal work
  • Acrylic
  • Oil on Canvas
  • and Pastels works.
Basically I am very creative and also love to teach art.
I have taught in different primary and secondary schools, am also proficient with graphic designs and also sculptural works and illustration drawings. I hope you have a grate time navigating through my art Gallery.
Thank You For Visiting.



Meet the Artist: Sulyman Mustapha Bola March 28, 2019 - The Article Sponsor is Elephant in the Room – Inclusion Now Elephant In The Room (EiTR) is to encourage dialogue and improved access to the arts, culture and music. Bridging the communication gap between the venues/organisations and the Disabled/Deaf/Neurodiversity/Chronic Illness communities. Find out more here. Sulyman Mustapha Bola graduated from Yaba College of Technology in …

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