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I am pleased to say that my work was featured in the 2005/2006 MILLER’S Picture Price Guide.

I studied Fine Art at The Hull Regional College of Art, receiving a full classical training, followed by Interior Design in London and study in S.I.A.D. Illustrators Studio.

Being part of the London scene in the 60’s and then travelling widely, greatly contributed to my work.

I work in all painting mediums from drawing to watercolour to oils.

Working “in-situ” and “en-plein-air” to narrative illustration and refined studio work.

My work is expressive and my fans say my work is well known for its spontaneity, impressionism and atmosphere, created through line and a unique use of colour.

Current Exhibition by Patricia Thompson

1create - Yachting Art - Patricia Thompson Exhibition

1create.co.uk are proud to introduce Patricia Thompson’s latest exhibition featuring her Watercolour Paintings & Sketches as Artist in Residence at “First4Sail”

– Yacht Racing & Sailing School, at Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, West Indies.

The collection started as a series of sketches that have a strong marine and yachting theme and were subsequently developed into the exhibition you see below.

This exhibition includes a key piece that was selected by the Ferens Art Gallery and exhibited in the Open Art Exhibition 2019 in Hull, United Kingdom.

This featured piece is entitled “Ben at the Helm”.

You are in for a treat so please feel free to have a look (prints are also available).

1create - Burton Agnes Hall - Patricia Thompson Exhibition

From 2004, for approx 5 to 6 years I was Artist in Residence at Burton Agnes.

Based in the Summer House, in the Gardens, for a whole Calendar Month, free to draw and paint throughout the grounds.

I was given permission to work in the house, as interiors are one of my genre.

All the works are Watercolors or Pen and Wash, all executed in-situ, in the house itself, and the Gardens, en-plein-air, so all images are free and spontaneous in style.

Along with the drawings, is written notation, describing the scene, the mood and ambience of the interior.

Being able to wonder the house, free to choose subject matter, the Artist can relax and so produce work of spontaneity, – using an economy of line and colour to conjure atmosphere.


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Having entered my work I was accepted into the global exhibition entitled “Fill the World with Art and Photography” that brings creatives of the world together.

Showcasing their creative talent to the world from their part of the world.

Giving art and photography lovers the opportunity to be see art and photography they may normally not get the chance to enjoy.



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