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Episode 11 - Interview: The Way We Were 2018 with Iris Newbold

1st November 2018
1create voice - podcast episode 11 - Iris Newbold the way we were 01-11-2018
Having been introduced by Freddie Garland we speak with Iris Newbold, War Veteran in the Land Army, dancer and educator. It was a real privilege to hear about Iris Newbold’s story and her involvement in the performance on the 10th November 2018. “Excited, renewed, a story can be told once again. A privilege to be any part of it really. It’s just a part of my history, my experience, it brings it all back. My youth, the hard times and the good times, and the dance and the way that the dancing brought the people back together again, even during the war time.” – IRIS NEWBOLD (93 years young)

Episode 10 - INTERVIEW: No more Separation a.k.a Flying Home with artist Richard Lees

September 2018

In this episode we catch up with Richard Lees to discuss his exhibition entitled “No More Separation” (also know as “Flying Home”). Listen now to learn more.

Episode 9 - INTERVIEW: Writing Dangerously with artist Richard Lees

September 2018

1create - podcast episode 9 writing dangerously with richard Lees
This interview finds out more about Artist Richard Lees’ most recent project and the inspiration for “Writing Dangerously” on exhibit at HIP Gallery August to September 2018.

Episode 8 - EVENT: 1create at Hull Artsmark Celebration Event 2018 with Gervase Phinn

March 2018

1create voice - podcast episode 8 Dr-Gervase-Phinn-Artsmark-celebration-2018-chameleon
Artsmark invited 1create and other creative organisations to attend the Artsmark Celebration Event held at Hull City Hall, 21st March 2018. It was an opportunity to celebrate and showcase creativity to the next generation of creatives and for creative organisations to see the positive impact creativity has on the young, first hand. Here is the keynote speech by Writer, Poet, Educator and Inspirational Speaker Dr Gervase Phinn

Episode 7 - Interview Rewind: Background to Mother by Matthew Finn with Alan Raw @ HIP Festival

October 2017

1create voice - podcast episode 7 matthew-finn-book-mother
HIP Festival 2017 “We were ready to do a launch for an exhibition but we decided to do it on a Tuesday night because it is the 80th birthday of Matthew Finn’s mother and she doesn’t know.” “It’s a project he started right at the beginning of his photography studies and it’s taken him 30 years to continue to use the same format of this 35mm file camera to take photos of his mother over this period of time, keeping the project, keeping the similarity there so you notice the differences in it” – Alan Raw

Episode 6 - Interview Rewind: Alan Raw introducing HIP Festival 2017 at the HIP Gallery

October 2017

1create voice - podcast episode 6 alan-raw-interview
We were invited down to the HIP Festival 2017 by HIP Gallery’s very own Alan Raw. The visit was a perfect opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Alan and be shown around the exhibitions getting further insight into a truly amazing Festival right on your door step. There was much on offer including once in a lifetime exhibitions, workshops and experiences with world renowned photographers such as Matthew Finn, Peter Dench, Homer Sykes, Chris Floyd and many more.

Episode 5 - Interview Rewind: Under My Skin with dancers Becky Crisp and Bradley Groizard 2017

May 2017

1create voice - podcast episode 5 Becky-and-Bradley-Under-My-Skin-Ferens-Art-Gallery
This interview was held on the 17th May 2017 just before the premier performance at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. We caught up with the dancers that were selected and choreographed a dance performance to complement Rebecca Lancashire’s musical composition (listen to her interview in Episode 4) that in itself was inspired by a sculpture by Ron Mueck “Spooning Couple” (currently on lone from the Tate Gallery in the Ferens Art Gallery).

Episode 4 - Interview Rewind: with composer Rebecca Lancashire at Ferens Art Gallery 2017

May 2017

1create voice - podcast episode 4 ferens-art-gallery-rebecca-lancashire-interview
This interview was held on the 17th May 2017 just before the premier performance at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. We ask Rebecca about her latest composition and inspiration from a Ron Mueck exhibition (The Spooning Couple) piece, finding out more about how she put this piece together.

Episode 3 - Interview Rewind 2016: Out of Style Out of Mind with Rebecca Lancashire

December 2016

1create voice - podcast episode 3 rebecca-lancashire Miss UK 2017
Rebecca Lancashire Royal UK Miss 2016 to 2017 sharing her charity fashion show “Out of Style Out of Mind” raising money for Mind Charity. Campaigning to smash the stigma surrounding mental health, so that everybody currently suffering receives the support and respect they deserve.
Recorded by Digital Creations in association with 1create.co.uk

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