Exhibition Art Prints: $anta by Gary Mcmullan


This piece is by artist Gary McMullan.

“I paint the truth.”

Further details:

The dollar sign is important because this is what Christmas has become to many.

The northern lights flicker behind my representation of this lie we call Christmas.

All the symbolism is there right in front of your nose, the north pole, the snow cabin, the reindeer, the robin, the snowman, the candy pole, the booze and the naughty list, make of it what you like but first research the santa claustrum in detail until you understand it, then let it sink in for a little bit longer and… there you go, you now know what a dead turkey, Christmas really is.

Title:“$anta by Gary Mcmullan”
Year: 2019
Medium: Oil on Board

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  • Three size options – small, medium, large (see description and product images) .
  • Boxed Canvas Effect.
  • All fixtures included so you can take your art straight from the box to the wall.

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Option 1. Small

29.7cm x 21.0cm

Option 2. Medium

42.0cm x 29.7cm

Option 3. Large

59.4cm x 42.0cm


Option 1: Boxed Canvas Effect

The frame provides a floating effect due to the nature of the fixings and is both durable and stylish being a real best seller.

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