The Chinese Room, Burton Agnes Hall, East Yorkshire


This piece is by artist Partricia Thompson Fine Art.

Title:“The Chinese Garden, Burton Agnes Hall, East Yorkshire”
Year: 2004
Medium: Watercolour 9″ x 13″ approx.
Further details: Painted in-situ.

This is probably the most complex Room in the house to execute.

The Inspiration? – the black lacquered, Wall Screen Panels were so fascinating to the eye, with their intricate stories being told in shades of greens and Rose pinks.

Look closely, it depicts the Tea Ceremony taking place, on the veranda, people walking in the streets, between the wonderful, ornately carved timber houses, with those amazing tiled roofs!

A Room full of beautiful furniture and porcelain, yet this Interior is calm and tranquil. Working in-situ, it is the quietness and stillness that pervades.

Evidently no other artist had attempted it before me, so it was quite a daunting task.

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