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Review – Broken Orchestra debut at Kardomah94

1create - broken orchestra debut 25th august 2017

Broken Orchestra’s “mesmerizing” intimate debut performance

A sneak peek of what Broken Orchestra have to offer ahead of their live BBC recorded session to be aired on BBC Radio on Saturday 2nd September 2017.

Followed by an exclusive behind the scenes interview with The Broken Orchestra telling us about how they found their debut performance.

For those of you that were lucky enough to attend their debut performance, hopefully this review will take you back through that musical journey.

1create - broken orchestra debut 25th august 2017

Friday 25th August

Kardomah94, 94 Alfred Gelder St, Hull HU1 2AN

An intimate debut for fellow artists and music lovers.

Here are a few words from 1create’s very own Paul Frederick.

Totally Mesmerising! were invited along to Kardomah94 by Pat Dooner to listen to the first live performance of the Broken Orchestra.

They have a laid back, soulful, melodic sound and all I can say is

I was mesmerised from start to finish.

I didn’t just listen to the music, I felt it with lead vocals from Emily Render.

As a band you really want to connect with your audience and that connection was definitely made and appreciated by a full crowd, all agreeing they didn’t want the music to end with cheers of “encore”.

I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from this band and give their first live performance the thumbs up.

Well done on a outstanding first performance.

Paul Frederick | founding member

Being their debut we thought it was important to document this amazing occasion and what better way to do this than to ask 3 questions and get each members perspective in their own words.

We asked them:

  1. How did performing at Hull’s very own Kardomah94 come about?
  2. How do you think it all went on the night?
  3. Being your first live performance, was it nerve racking as it seem to be so natural for you all?

Here’s what they said

Carl Conway-Davis

Myself and Pat classed ourselves as a studio act, writing and recording and releasing music.

1create - broken orchestra carl conway-davis by viceversarobbifotografia
Image credit: Viceversarobbi Fotografia

The live aspect was desirable but we never really knew how to go about it.

We tried a couple of times putting a band together but as the people we know were active musicians, we always struggled for time and commitment as they had their own priorities.

We were working on Tom Kay’s album and quite naturally conversations progressed about Tom being involved. Luckily for us Emily was also interested in what we did so we decided to strip the whole concept back, using samples and loops as part of the performance then introducing Tom and Emily to create the live aspect.

Rather than just do a gig, we thought of inviting an audience to hear us and test to see how it went down with people.

Kardomah94 is a venue we had all frequented and thought it was ideal due to its layout and atmosphere for doing an intimate gig.

The gig was an amazing experience.

myself and Pat have very little performing experience compared to Emily and Tom and as much as we thought the live aspect would work, you can never know how it will be received for a first gig or even if anyone will turn up.

Amazingly though the response has been fantastic and we can’t wait to put it on the road.

Me personally was just eager to get it done and obtain some feedback.

The response of people we invited was important because it would be a clear indicator if we have legs as a live collective.

We have new music coming! With Emily taking up lead vocals.

Emily Render

Pat and Carl approached me and asked if i’d like to work with them on The Broken Orchestra live shows,

1create - broken orchestra emily render by viceversarobbifotografia
Image credit: Viceversarobbi Fotografia

we began rehearsing every week over a period of around 12 weeks. As this gig was our first live show as The Broken Orchestra; we decided on Kardomah94 as it’s a lovely intimate venue, which we thought would be a perfect setting for our first show.

I feel it went great, the response we received afterwards was overwhelming and everyones donations on the door were really generous.

I think it gave us a boost to really move forward in working together with the live stuff and reiterated to us that the stripped back set up with the four of us is a great working format for the time being.

It was slightly nerve racking for me yeah, more so because The Broken Orchestra have worked with some amazing vocalists on their past work,

and my job is to come in and sing the songs, being conscious of delivering them with the authenticity of the original recording, whilst also trying to make them my own… so no pressure!

But Pat and Carl are really great guys to work with as they’re super chilled out and have ensured I’ve felt comfortable from the off, so the four of us have naturally developed a pretty good working relationship in the band.

Tom Kay

1create - broken orchestra tom kay by viceversarobbifotografia
Image credit: Viceversarobbi Fotografia

We have been rehearsing for around 3 months with the idea of playing the first Broken Orchestra live show.

We really wanted to make it a special night and make it much more than just a gig. We threw a few ideas around and Kardomah94 was our first choice as far as venues were concerned. I have regularly played my solo shows there for the last few years and Pat and Carl joined me at the last one when I was promoting my latest album.

We were all taken back by the incredible response from the audience.

It was really nice to hear that people enjoyed it as we put a lot of hard work into the planning of every aspect of the show.

It felt slightly odd as this was our first live show together.

Myself and Emily have played live for many years but this was our first outing as The Broken Orchestra. You just don’t know what to expect at the first one, we’d been wrapped up in a rehearsal room for 3 months and you get used to everything sounding a particular way and then you take it to a venue, in a different room that’s a different size with a different p.a and it all changes. Luckily for us our worries were eased by Matt Lund who is a great sound engineer. He always tries to make the artists feel as comfortable as possible with the onstage sound.

Vicky Foster

1create - broken orchestra vicky foster by viceversarobbifotografia
Image credit: Viceversarobbi Fotografia

I was asked by Pat Dooner if I fancied trying my hand at rapping a little while back.

I’d done some recording work with him a few years ago and we’ve talked about working together for some time now. I also perform a lot as a poet and so when Broken Orchestra were putting together the live set Pat thought I might be able to have a go at the rapping. I learnt the tracks and went along to try them with the band, and we went from there.

I thought it went amazingly – my part was only really small so I feel as though I can rave about how brilliant I think they are!

The first time I turned up to rehearse and Tom and Emily were there in the studio with Pat & Carl, I knew it was going to be something a bit special, and Friday didn’t disappoint.

It’s was my first time performing with Broken Orchestra, I only started rehearsing with them about six weeks ago, and I feel really privileged that they wanted me on board – they’re an amazingly talented set of people.

They’ve already asked me if I’d like to stay involved (which I really would!!) and there’s also talk of maybe using some of my written work in the future, which would be ace!

The Broken Orchestra saying a few words at the end of the performance

We would love to hear what you thought of their first live performance as I’m sure they will be too so please feel free to leave your comments in comments section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to share the love with your friends and family.

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