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1create - Street Art Hull Gallery

Street Art Hull Gallery

Street Art Hull Gallery, Queen St, Hull Street, Hull HU1 1UU

1create - Street Art Hull Gordon Rason
Street Art Hull is a gallery for original artworks to be displayed and sold on the marina in Hull.

The gallery walls are filled with a wide range of original works of art which have all been created by local artists and there are some fantastic works of art for sale.

We spoke to Gordon Rason who is the sponsor of the autonomous Street Art Hull and he informed us that as well as being able to display their work in the gallery the artist’s are also allowed to have their work on display in Leonardo’s café and also in Vintage. So its great to see local business supporting the artists to help them get their artwork out there.

In addition to this over the summer months and weather permitting the artists hold an outdoor market on Humber Street on the third Sunday of each month which is a great way to engage with people and promote their work.

I would definitely recommend taking a walk around the gallery and take a moment to appreciate the artist work. It really is a great space and great to see the talent of the local creatives in Hull. would like to fully support Street Art Hull and congratulate all the artists on doing a fabulous job showcasing the creative individuals of Hull.

Paul Frederick- in his own words

Here are some photos from Street Art Hull

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