Gavin Mayhew at Storming the Castle 2017

A great artist residency at Witton Castle with Gavin Mayhew

When: 1st – 3rd September 2017

Where: Witton le Wear, Bishop Auckland, Durham

Gavin was asked to attend the Storming the Castle Biker Rally at Witton Castle to bring his artistic flare to the 3 day event up in Durham.

Being the philanthropist he offered his services on a voluntary basis and here is his take on the event in his own words.

During my 2 and a half days art residency at Storming the Castle Biker Rally, Witton Castle I painted an 8ft by 4ft mural of a biker dragon storming a castle – oh my aching back.

I also set up a cartoon board featuring King Louie and a Tappy Penguin, where folks could stick their heads through and become part of the pic.

At first I thought that the hairy bikers and their partners would think it was childish.

How wrong can a sensitive artist be. They loved it!

I also did a couple of small commissions of gory heads whilst the evenings were spent banging my own gory head to the music in the festival tents.

It was an altogether enjoyably heavy experience, with some coooool bikes to admire.

You can see more of Gavin Mayhew’s Art at his webstore

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