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Performance: Under My Skin Dance at Ferens Art Gallery

1create - Dance to Under My Skin by Rebecca Lancashire Ferens Art Gallery

Premier performance “Under My Skin”

Introduced by Dr Rob MacKay – University of Hull

Date: 17th May 2017

Location: Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.

Good afternoon everybody, fantastic to see so many of you here this afternoon.

My name is Rob MacKay, I’m a lecturer in music at the University of Hull and we have a musical treat for you with 14 composition students on our third year module “Composing for spaces and places” who have created compositions in response to the Ferens Art Gallery and we are actually going to be taking you on a promenade performance throughout the gallery.

Starting here in this wonderful studio space with Rebecca Lancashire’s piece “Under My Skin” which is a response to the “Spooning Couple” sculpture by Ron Mueck.

Filming and editing by Digital Creations

This dance was performed by Becky Crisp and Bradley Groizard to the premier performance of Rebecca Lancashire’s music composition “Under My Skin” at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.

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