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I was born in a small town in Slovakia.

Art like painting or sculpting was surrounding me even in my very early childhood.

I have started to create things when I was a little boy. Each piece of surface or wood could come in handy. I was trying to depict my imagination in them. It was great fun to create my own toys.

Of course it was not so easy all the time, especially when my mom was finding painted walls or my dad caught me with a knife in my little hand when I was trying to plane my own wooden rifle. So that was the way I was growing up with a plane and a brush in hand.

I was a student of Academy of Arts in Martin (Slovakia). My art-pieces have been shown in several exhibitions around Slovakia.

Later on I was also involved in renovation of sculptures in rocks.

Then came the time to explore the world and distant cultures.

That is why I decided to move to the USA where my so far created art-pieces were warmly greeted.

I managed to present them in a few galleries like Christy Gallery in Boston or Kristina Gallery in Cape Cade.

After three years in America I moved to India, a land of inspiring and magnificent people.

But another place on earth seems to be more important. Poland, there I moved later on.

Importance of this corner of the world lies in what has happened there.

That is a place where I met my wife.

We both use unusual ways to tell what we feel or experience.

When I use brush she makes use of words and piece of paper to tell what’s on her mind.

From now we explore the world together.

The first stop on our common path was Cyprus where my paintings have been
exhibited one more time, this time in Limassol. That sunny and warm piece of land could not stop us from going on with our journey.

We left it and headed north and Denmark has become our home now.

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