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PRESS RELEASE: Album Launch – Watch Me Rise by Ruth Toynton

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Watch me rise is a collection of songs written and performed by Ruth Toynton.

Backed by a band of talented musicians, all studying a Music Performance Degree at Hull College.

Available to listen and buy in iTunes

In Ruth Toynton’s own words

The songs are about the journey to becoming the artist and the development of self, about what I gained and what I lost beginning a Music degree at aged 30 with a husband and son in tow.

With no other musical education and finding my voice so late in life there was always going to be some struggles and juggles.

But in releasing these songs there’s a huge amount of pride and achievement, as well as the trepidation that comes with writing such personal prose.

I never thought I’d be here, navigating an industry and taking my artistry seriously, ten year old me is somewhere doing her happy dance. Imaging a release date gave me the motivation to dream then to plan these tracks.

As a kid I sang much more than I spoke so when I sat to write I had so much to say they just flowed out.

These songs have enabled me to introduce myself as the woman and artist I am as well as lay a few demons to rest.

Sometimes raw and painful, sometimes tender and captivating.

All with passion, all with love.

Watch me rise.

click here to read more about Ruth’s story.

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