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From wheelchair to semi-pro

1create good news gazzette - from wheelchair to semi-pro

1create good news gazzette - from wheelchair to semi-pro

Good News GazzetteOur area has never been short of talent in any area especially the sporting arenas, the fact is proven in the story of young Jordan Harrison from Orchard Park Estate.

But while talent and ability have never come short to the Hull area the same sadly cannot be said for those who are prepared to work at what they’ve got in order to become as good as they can be.

Alas it’s fair to say the right attitude is not always there we can all probably reel off the amount of wasted talents

“remember him he was quality until he found beer and women”

you’re going through the names now aren’t you?

But not in the case of Harrison who in a fairly short space of time has reached a good level of non-league football despite not playing football until the age of 14!

Yes you read that right he didn’t start playing until he was 14 the Good News Gazzette caught up with him to find out why.

“I didn’t start playing football until I was 14 because I was in a wheelchair whilst at primary school”

– explained Harrison.

“I had a medical condition with my hips which meant I was stuck in there and obviously having to watch all the other kids playing in the playground and doing things I couldn’t was very frustrating so when they told me I was well enough and that I didn’t need the wheel chair it was like a new lease of life for me.”

Perhaps this would explain Jordan’s desire to succeed in football and his love affair with the gym in his bid to make up for lost time

“definitely, its great to be able to test myself every week and to do the things that I know if I keep doing will keep making me better and that’s all I want is to be as good as I possibly can be”.

Harrison came to prominence locally in 2015 when he was signed along with brother Callum from Park Athletic managed by the late (and great) Andy Leebetter, by then incoming Hull United management team Curtis Woodhouse and Ian Ashbee who were tipped off by Simon Wilkinson who was part of the coaching team.

Harrison can remember the phone call from Woodhouse/Ashbee to this day

“Yeah I remember it and remember it made me believe in myself a bit more that those two big names wanted me and Callum to go and play with them, it made me think I must be good if they wanted me”.

Harrison made the headlines at just 18 (pictured) after Hull UTD dumped a full Hull City U 23’s out of the semi final of the East Riding senior cup despite the fact they had many full time pros and some with international honours, Harrison scored two in the first 20 minutes that day and you would have to question how a budding 18 year old from Orchard Park wasn’t even on the radar of Hull City but here he was putting them to the sword.

It’s also worth a mention (having played in the game) that nearly all of the players on the pitch were from out of town which seemed strange when the team is called Hull City Development Squad.

Harrison then went on to represent Bridlington, Hall Road and East Yorkshire Carnegie before attracting the attention last season of Scarborough Athletic who play in the Evo Stik league,

“I had started the season well for Carnegie scoring 14 goals in 7 games and I got a phone call from AFC Goole who were struggling at the bottom of the evo stik league. I spoke to the manager who has always encouraged us to push on but he said if I was ready to go he would send me to good club and so that’s how I ended up at Scarborough.”

“I enjoyed my time there although it never worked out as I’d hoped but I haven’t give up on moving up the leagues again I’m just enjoying playing with our Kid and a lot of other players who I know at Carnegie for now but you never know what’s around the corner.”

So for Harrison the journey is all in front of him and he has only learned over the last few days of major interest from an Australian club who have just been promoted to the second tier. The enquiry came through his current club East Yorkshire Carnegie who as a development club pride themselves on offering opportunities to their players.

Young centre half Tom Giblin, an ever present in the EYC side for the last season and a quarter is also on the radar of a prominent New York College. They would like him to go on a scholarship but with both youngsters with a lot to consider there is no rush and whatever they decide have the full support of the club.

“Its part of why we are here and our ethos, progression and development of young local players gives us great satisfaction as a club and while we always enjoy having these players representing us we also understand when the time has come for them to move on, that is why they always go with our blessing” said Vice Chairman Dave Reader.

So for Harrison and Giblin,

it’s watch this space

and let’s hope their next few years are just as fruitful as the last few in terms of development.

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