You are not alone – a message from artist Fabrice Clarou

Artist Fabrice Clarou shared this heart warming message to fellow 1create members yesterday (June 28th 2018) and we just had to share this with every creative out there.

It rings true for so many of you and hopefully it will help someone out there.

It may seem like I produce work easily and effortlessly. That’s it, it just seems.

The truth is, I (like a lot of people) go through so much doubt and struggles. Times when it feels like I will never get anywhere.

But I have learned one important thing and that is to

Just keep going and carry on.

Some days are good, some days are difficult but as I keep going, I get better.

That’s the thing that reassures me and where I get satisfaction.

I very rarely feel my work is good enough. I am never really satisfied in that sense but I do get a sense of satisfaction when I stop to look and see I am improving.

I just wanted to share that, to say

If you experience this too, you are not alone.

Thank you Fabrice from everyone at

If you want to read more about Fabrice we invite you to read his story in the 3rd Edition of Behind the Art.

Behind the Art 2018 3rd edition - Fabrice Clarou header

If you have experienced this or have anything to say please feel free to leave your comments below.

NOTE: As a wise person once said, “if you have nothing nice to say then please don’t say it”

1create is about positivity not negativity.

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